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TOP 5 Mistakes People Make when Cleaning Rodent Feces

 Don't risk your health or safety when cleaning up rodent feces!

We have all seen or had to clean up rodent feces at one point in time in our life.  Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may have mice, rats, squirrels, or bigger wildlife such as racoons, opossum, or even coyotes!


Nobody likes to clean up animal feces (poop) or urine (pee), and it becomes very disheartening because often it is damaging our belongings in sheds, garages, and attics, while also posing a serious health risk! 

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 At Bio-One we clean up and remediate all types of animal feces and urine.  Sadly though, many times we are called on scene to disinfect something that has either been attempted to be cleaned by another “professional” company or the family/business themselves.  While things may appear to be “clean”, there may still be a lingering odor or even worse, more poop and pee than when originally started!  There are many things that people get wrong when remediating animal feces and urine, so we put together a top 5 list of things that homeowners & businesses get wrong when attempting self-remediation:

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1.  "I’m going to use a Shopvac to sweep up poop."  

Seems straightforward right?  This is a huge no-no according to the CDC because you are placing all that particulate into the air and breathing it.  Sadly, we see “professional” companies doing this all the time, only to be contaminating the very air of their customers they claim to purify.  Feces, nests, and animal debris should be manually swept and then if you still need a vacuum, use a true HEPA vacuum.  

2.  Using a HEPA-like filter vs. a True HEPA vac or Medical HEPA vac

Many Shopvac and vacuum brands will sell HEPA-like and HEPA-type filters to be outfitted on their models.  While this is in improvement over the base filter, there still is limitations on air quality, especially with certain types of particulate.  Just as its important to know what kind of poop you are cleaning up, its equally important to make sure that you and your family or business will be safe using the vacuum you are using.   


3.  "I swept up all the poop…I’m good to go right?"

Most people forget that animals also pee, and yes, it is normally everywhere you found the poop.  So when you find mice feces in your cabinets, sweep it all out, then put your food back in; there is a strong chance that you only got rid of only 50% of the excrement.  Which now means that your food, clothing, and personal items are still touching or covered in rodent urine.  Yuck! A lot of times customers call Bio-One for odor removal, when in fact it is really urine clean-up and disinfection they are seeking.  The good news is that we take care of both!


 4.  "Ok, I cleaned the poop, I cleaned and disinfected for pee...why does it still smell?"

Animals, especially rodents don’t usually poop in convenient, easy to reach areas.  A big mistake is often made that simply cleaning visible feces and urine solves the problem.  Exploration is often needed to find additional sources or hard to reach areas around where the original feces and urine is located.  Checking in tight areas, pulling furniture away from walls, opening boxes, and lifting insulation is an important and critical step, so that you ensure all the impacted areas have been truly been cleaned and disinfected. 


5.  "Everything has been cleaned, so why is poop still appearing?"

I know it seems straightforward, but it happens, A LOT.  Anytime we council a family or business for remediation, we make sure to coach them on finding a great exterminator to ensure that the source is taken care of and removed from the home.  For squirrels and outdoor animals, there are humane and safe ways to remove them from your property such as humane catch and release traps or agencies to assist in the process.  In the end, unless the source is truly removed, there will be a continued presence of feces, urine, and damage to clean up. 


In the end, its important that your home and business is remediated properly to ensure safety for you and your loved ones.  At Bio-One of Temecula and Temecula Hoarding, we cut no corners and work closely with you to not only remediate the situation but assist with the education process so that you can maintain a safe and disinfected environment.  Call now at 951. 502-7470 if you have any questions or would like a free consultation and/or estimate.  

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